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Millbrae's Boy Scout Troop 355 was formed in 1960, and are proud to have the Millbrae Lions Club as our charter organization.

The Troop meets on first and third Thursdays of most months at 7 pm at the Chetcuti Room (next to the Millbrae library). Patrol Leaders Conferences are held on the second Thursday. Meetings normally run 90 minutes.

Troop 355 aims to develop responsible young men of character who are not afraid to face life's challenges. Our varied boy led program mixes team building and outdoor activities as well as community service events. The Troop plans numerous weekend backpacking and site-camping trips plus hiking, biking, kayaking and shooting sports events throughout the year. Community Service events include local flag ceremonies, beach clean up, food drives, and annual Memorial Day grave decorating.

Our summer program includes a week long summer camp at one of the BSA run camps and a high-adventure backpacking trip.

Annually we provide clean up / recycling services for the Millbrae Art & Wine Festival as our primary fundraising event through the Millbrae Chamber of Commerce.

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9/1   Art & Wine Festival - MANDITORY!
9/2   Art & Wine Festival - MANDITORY!
9/13   DEADLINE: Butano Camping Sept 22
9/13   PLC Meeting
9/13   Board of Review
9/15   Millbrae Coastal Clean Up WAIVER NEEDED
9/20   Troop Meeting and CoH
9/22-23   Butano Campout
10/4   Troop Meeting (Class A)
10/4   Troop Committee Meeting (All Parents Invited)
10/11   PLC Meeting
10/13   Lions Monster March
10/18   DEADLINE: Pinnacles Camping Nov 10
10/18   Troop Meeting (Class B)
10/25   Merit Badge Workshop
11/1   Troop Meeting (Class A)
11/2-4   FYI - PacSky Trail to First Class
11/8   PLC Meeting
11/10-11   Pinnacles Camping!
11/10   Scouting for Food (Hangers)
11/15   Troop Meeting (Class B)
11/17   Scouting for Food (Pick up)
12/6   Troop Meeting (Class A)
12/6   Troop Committee Meeting (All Parents Invited)
12/13   PLC Meeting
12/15   Urban Hike
12/20   Troop Meeting (Class B) - WHITE ELEPHANT
1/10   Troop Meeting (Class A)
1/17   PLC Meeting
1/18-20   Cutter Retreat! Don't miss it!
1/24   Troop Meeting (Class B)
2/1-4   Hold-for SKI WEEKEND!
2/7   Troop Committee Meeting (All Parents Invited)
2/7   Troop Meeting (Class A)
2/14   PLC Meeting
2/14   Board of Review
2/21   Troop Meeting (Class A) - RED & GREEN DINNER and Court of Honor
2/28   Merit Badge Workshop
3/7   Troop Meeting (Class A)
3/14   PLC Meeting
3/21   Troop Meeting (Class B)
3/23   PACK 355 Pinewood Derby - SERVICE HOURS
3/28   Merit Badge Workshop
4/1-4   Hold for - Spring Break High Adventure
4/11   Troop Meeting (Class A)
4/18   PLC Meeting
4/25   Troop Meeting (Class B)
5/2   Troop Committee Meeting (All Parents Invited)
5/2   Troop Meeting (Class A)
5/9   PLC Meeting
5/11   PACK 355 Rain-gutter Regatta - SERVICE HOURS
5/16   Troop Meeting (Class B)
5/25   Grave Decoration at Golden Gate National Cemetery
6/1   Troop Picnic / COH
6/15-21   FYI - National Youth Leadership Training
7/14-20   Hold-for Summer Camp at Royaneh


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